antenatal Birth & Parenthood Classes in Sussex

Jackie Whitford is a renowned NCT teacher, accredited Hypnobirthing teacher & has 40 years in childbirth education.

The Best Preparation Course for You

I am offering the pregnant YOU an individualised preparation for labour, birth and parenthood.

I will tailor a holistic mentoring programme according to your own hopes and aspirations for your personal birth experience.

This personal training will equip you with the strategies, confidence, knowledge and skills you need to achieve the best birth experience for you.

My unique birth preparation course will appeal especially if you are on your second or subsequent pregnancy and want this birth to be different from your first or are feeling anxious about labour, birth or parenthood.

I offer private or group antenatal courses, breastfeeding support, hypnobirthing courses and other labour preparation techniques.  Most importantly, I tailor my courses to suit each individual rather than an out-of-the-box course which most other antenatal classes offer.

Who do I support?

  • All parents-to-be
  • Secondary or subsequent pregnancies
  • Pregnant women with twins & triplets
  • Pregnant women who have suffered traumatic birth experiences
  • Anyone who feels traditional antenatal offerings are not for them

“Hypnobirthing is the latest, trendy and effective programme for many women; it even has Royal approval – but it doesn’t suit everyone.”

Jackie Whitford - Birth Wise


Antenatal Classes in Sussex

Antenatal classes in Sussex which are designed for all, whatever your needs, preferences and budget.

One-To-One Birth Preparation Course

A truly personalised antenatal course, preparing you for your birth and being on-hand for support before and after the birth.

Small Group Antenatal Classes for up to 6 Mums

A small, personal group of Mums-to-be covering everything from pregnancy, labour, birth choices, breastfeeding and early parenting.

Private Short Course - Tailored for you

Antenatal, Postnatal, Breastfeeding or any concern or topic you would like support with
(From 2 hours)

Why choose Jackie?

 Jackie Whitford of Birth Wise comes with over 40 years extensive experience in childbirth education. She is a trained (and Advanced)  NCT teacher and practiced as an associate teacher for The International Childbirth Education Association of America (ICEA). Her experience includes:

  •  40+ years of childbirth education
  • NCT Teacher accreditation
  •  Hypnobirthing Teacher accreditation
  • Birth mentor with NHS Midwives for BSUH
  • Supporting women at over 200 births
  • Providing  bespoke  individual preparation

“Jackie is currently one of the most knowledgeable and experienced childbirth educators in this country, a great birth matriarch of our time” – Lynne Stafford, London


I would love to speak with you and answer any questions you might have, or share how my antenatal classes work.

I understand that your birth is the most personal thing to you and I want you to feel comfortable with who you choose to support you.

Get in touch and let's see if we make a good fit.

07557 679 165

67 Park Street, Falmer, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 9PG
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