Below are some of my frequently asked questions in relation to antenatal classes, hypnobirthing and the support I can offer. If your question isn’t here, please get in touch, I would love to speak with you.
1. How would your classes be different to the NCT?
As a veteran NCT teacher, in many respects they would be similar. However, I will spend more of the course time on labour and birth preparation techniques than the NCT currently do. Also, my group classes will be smaller.
2. What other labour techniques do you offer?
A selection from the most effective techniques taught and used by labouring women over the past 60 years  including visualisation, relaxation, Lamaze (or phychprophylaxis) , Active Birth etc.
3. Do you teach Hypnobirthing?
Yes, I have an accreditation in both the original (American) Marie Mongan Hypnobirthing method and Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing UK
I have taught Hypnobirthing very successfully, mainly in the last few years as more women specifically ask for it.
4. Do you cover breastfeeding techniques?
I cover early parenting in my classes which includes breastfeeding skills
5. How do you differ from a Doula?
I am an experienced  childbirth educator. When I attend the birth, I am there to give additional emotional support to the woman in labour, and in her birth choices. I also give support to birth partners,  but having worked with them over several weeks with their preparation, I am  also able  to reinforce the skills taught and practiced in class.
6. Do you comprehensively cover home births?
7. Could you be with me at my birth?
If during the preparation course you feel you might want this, this is an additional support option  I can offer, holidays or other unforeseen circumstances (e.g.  illness)  permitting. I would ensure that between 38-42 weeks of gestation, I will be available.
8. Can you support me with breastfeeding and the first few weeks after my baby is born?
Absolutely – via telephone contact of home visit if necessary.
9. Do you offer pregnancy yoga?
I don’t teach yoga but work with 2 yoga teachers. I have taught, can offer a range of pregnancy exercises for flexibility and strength. I can also offer aqua exercises for pregnancy, but as an additional service.
10. Do you offer courses for second and subsequent pregnancies?
Yes, either 1:1 or within a group class
11. Do you offer anything for women with multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets)
Yes, I can offer a bespoke 1:1 course or will ensure a woman’s specific needs and circumstances are included in a group class
12. Where do the classes/sessions take place?
I live in Falmer East Sussex. I hold small classes in my home.  I also plan to teach classes in Shepperton, Middx.  If you are opting for a 1:1 preparation, the venue can be decided – usually either at your home or mine.
13. Are there any options for ongoing parenting support in my child’s first year?
I will be available to you for ongoing advice and support throughout your  fourth trimester (first 3 months after birth).
I was a founder member of my local branch of the NCT in Surrey. A huge part of this was ensuring ongoing parent to parent support and networking. This ongoing social group support will be encouraged in my group a/n classes, but I will arrange a post natal celebration with each class and also an annual birthday party.