Below are a handful of testimonials from some Mums and colleagues I have supported with antenatal care.

I can’t thank Jackie enough for the work she has done with vulnerable women in the city. She is kind, caring and very knowledgeable and women tell me that they love their sessions with her. Jackie has been particularly adept at working with women who may feel that hypnobirthing is not for them. She finds different ways to work with women and breaks down barriers for women in a way that they may have felt would not be possible for them. Jackie has been able to work with women and help them to positively change the way they thought that their birth would be, especially after a previous difficult birth experience. Jackie has helped women believe in themselves and believe that they ‘can do it!’ Her input has been invaluable.

Anna, 2021 - Specialist Midwife, Brighton & Sussex University Hospital NHS Trust

Jackie was my birth mentor and hypnobirth therapist. She was on hand 6 weeks before and 6 weeks after my birth. I called her “Jackie Alexa” cos I could fire questions at her anytime of the day. It was really reassuring”. I had 1:1 preparation sessions with her. All the tools she taught me were incredibly helpful. Although long, my birth was a wonderful experience.

Jo - 2020

I asked Jackie to come and help me work through some worries and concerns I had regarding my third labour. She was amazing at helping me focus my mind and worries. She has a wonderfully calming nature and you feel able to talk to her about any issues or problems – no matter how personal. I was able to replay all the techniques we worked though and my labour was truly beautiful, calm and not stressful in any way! Thank you Jackie

Cat - 2012

Baby Noahs birth was quick and easy. Somehow you worked your hypnobirthing magic for me. I cant thank you enough.

Tiyana - 2019

Thank you again for your love and constant support. With your help and encouragement, we all bought a little beauty into this world.

Judith - 1990

Video testimonial by Jo, 2020

“Jo kindly made this video for me, she felt it would be a great way to describe her Birth Wise experience.”

Jackie Whitford