Thanks to Kate Evans “Bump – How to make, grow and birth a baby”

First it’s a bad idea of put a subset of people in control of a physiological phenomenon that they have no direct experience of. That is not to say that men or childless women can’t make very good midwives and obstetricians – they can and do. But the last four hundred years of history have seen the implementation of some utterly bonkers ideas in obstetrics, on the untested whims and organisations of powerful men. Secondly, on the occasions when you need a medical professional to get hands-on and help you give birth, you want that person to have very small hands.

I have recently re-read Kate Evans book, “Bump – How to make grow and birth a baby”. It’s accessible, funny, empowering  and quite brilliant. 

If you want to learn about your birth options and choices – and how to avoid being a stranded beetle in labour (Sheila Kitzinger’s analogy) please drop me a line. I’m here to help.