Becoming a mother/parents will become central to your life. It’s your biggest life transition.
Labour lasts on average 12 hrs and involves tremendous physical activity . As a simple comparison – if you were running or swimming for 12 hrs you would be advised to practice and prepare beforehand – it’s the same with labour and birth.

“Knowledge is power”

My antenatal preparation will give you that confidence to make your choices, and the skills you need to make labour as comfortable and happy as possible however you choose to give birth. But that is just the beginning . There’s no break before you immediately take on your role as parent/parents.

Again you will have choices and responsibility as to feeding and nurturing and also the bigger considerations as to parenting and raising your child.

So, Yes. Preparing for all of this is REALLY important.

And the GREAT benefit to attending antenatal classes is that you get to meet and share with a group of mothers and parents at the same stage as you. This is great for friendship and support in the early days and chances are you will make a lifelong friend or two from friendships formed at this time.